Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh The Joys of Clearance Shopping

Boy oh boy do I look forward to the clearance shopping out there for post Halloween.  Can't you just imagine the great things we are able to score at a great price?  Last year we loaded up on pirate costumes.  This year I was hoping for more costumes to add to the Rock Star theme all must have beat me to the punch.  It's ok, I'll forgive you.  :)

What I did score was a LOT of black light bulbs.  Those boogers are normally high dollar.  What do I use black light bulbs for you ask?  Black Out Parties of course!  Here is a picture of one we hosted last year.  A Black Out Party is perfect for ages 15-18ish.  We black out all the windows so it is literally pitch black in the space, then we change out the regular light bulbs with black lights.  The kids wear white and fluorescent clothing.  We provide you with hundreds of glow sticks and highlighters.  The highlighters are used to write messages on the kids white shirts.  The black lights in combination with the DJ lighting we have make for a magical night of dancing and fun for these kids.  Our sound system is great!  We have all the newest music but of course, at this age they want their own mix so, by all means bring their phone or laptop and we'll plug it into our system.

Since I saved money on the bulbs, why not offer you a savings too? 

This four hour custom party would normally go for $650.  If you book it in the next 30 days, I can offer this party  for $400.  Take advantage of this price for a milestone party...maybe a sweet 16, the big 18 or even plan now for a grand graduation bash.  Some really smart moms combine parties with BFFs so the families split the expense. Now that's s-m-a-r-t.

Call or email today to book!

Click here to see more pictures from one of our Black Out Parties.

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