Monday, May 23, 2011

Pick Your Besties For The Best Party

We know you want to include everyone. You never want anyone to feel left out, never want to hurt any one's feelings and want everyone to be happy.

After all, your super uber nice that way.

However, here's what we've found: When you invite everyone from here



and here

to your sweet child's birthday party, it tends to be just a little bit too much.

We want your child to feel the most special they have ever felt on their special day. We focus the entire party on and around them. We play songs they love, we give them choice cake cuts, we have all guests tell them their most favorite thing about them, we love and hug on them as much as we can but, when there are a gazillion friends at your child's party the focus on them just isn't as magnified. We have found the ideal number of guests is between 10-15. Many more than that can easily turn a great party into mass hysteria a more hectic one. *Please note, we are talking about kiddos here, not adults...bring all the adults you want.

Our suggestion is that you tell your child they have to make a list of their 10-12 very most special friends and explain those are the friends they may invite. If you have a large family with lots of siblings and cousins perhaps you have a party with only them or maybe you have two parties, one for family and one for friends.

We have found the best and most discrete way to get those invites in the hands of the besties without hurting the feelings of the other children is to ask the teacher or coach to place them in back packs or hand them to the parents of the children.

Now, having said all of that, if you really really want to invite the whole kit n caboodle of kids you know...we're flexible that way, we just thought we'd share our opinion. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Calling All Stylists!

If you are a stylist, you know a stylist or you use a stylist...listen up! Soiree is looking to network with local stylists. This will cost the stylist NotHinG, nAdA, zIp. The best part is the stylist will earn $25 in Soiree credits every time one of their clients books a party with Soiree.

So if you are one, know one, or use one, have the stylist email Soiree at for details on this great program.

That right there, is what you call a win-win!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Food and Your Teens Party!

Teens and food go hand in hand right? Well......not always!

We have seen some pretty lavish spreads for Teen parties......and while we at Sorie'e are more than impressed, we have seen most of it hauled back out to the car at the end of the night. Here are some things we have learned that Teens don't find "cool, groovy, or _____(insert new buzz word here) when it comes to their parties and food.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.) Would I like to eat this party with my grown up friends? If the anwer is yes.....then don't serve it.

2.) When I was a teen if my Mom carried in her 1970's Crock Pot would I have been embarressed?........then don't serve it.

3.) Is this food something that I can eat with my hands and look cool doing it? You are starting to catch on!

We have found that Teens are actually way cooler and easier going than we would have ever imagined! They are some of our favorite people! Their needs are simple......water, pizza, candy and cake.

They are looking for a cool place to hang out......with THEIR music......where no one tells them to TURN IT DOWN.......where they can dance (We like to call it BUST A MOVE.....but that usually gets blank stares!)

......and you, well we know, you are looking for a safe place for your Teen to have a BLAST -one that is taylored to their that will be the talk of the town, one that they will remember for the rest of their lives.......and we KNOW how to (yes, we are going there.......) BUST A MOVE at Soire'e!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Party Tips

We've learned a thing or two about how to have a great party. We thought we'd share some of those tips with you all.

Tip #1:

Momma's Mood Matters

Moms, listen up. The reason you're having the party with Soiree is to take the stress off of you. We take care of everything. All you have to do is send out invites, bring the cake, the drinks and the birthday child. As soon as you walk in the door, we take over. If you spend the hours leading up to the party stressed out and worried, the birthday child picks up on your mood. Not only that, but it sets the tone for the whole party. I know, I know, that's not fair at all. But it is true. We've seen it time and time again. Momma comes in happy and excited for a great party and a great party we shall have. On the other hand, when Momma comes in with the weight of the world on her shoulders...well, we still have a great party, but everyone has to work harder to get to that happy place.

So, if you feel like this

take a deep breath, and let's work more on looking like this

Come with a happy heart. Leave your dirty laundry, dusty nick knacks, and responsibilities at the door. We'll give ya a big fat hug at the door and the next hour and a half is going to be nothing but fun. We promise!

Now let us host your best party ever.

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