Sunday, March 21, 2010

16 Year Old Black Out Party

Truth be told, Misty and I were a bit scared of what we were getting ourselves into with this Black Out Party or Rave. We decided that even though we we not technically "working" this party, we'd stay on hand and get some work done in our office. Well let me just say, these kids were great! This was "J's" 16th birthday and he and his friends just like to dance. Dance they did too! The idea of a Rave or a Black Out Party is that the room is totally blacked out. We covered the windows with black plastic and changed the light bulbs to black lights. The kids wore white or neon clothes so they would glow in the black lights. In addition, we provided them with glow sticks. These kids had a ball! Misty and I learned a lot about what music is cool today...hey, they even played some old school music. Remember Jump Around??? It's hot today! Who knew?

Thank you "J" and "J's" mom for using Soiree for your party. We hope you have fun and will consider us again for your next party.

Thanks to the fancy "night setting" on my camera, you can see the kids in the darkness because it was seriously dark in here.

Are these clothes hilarious or what?! How fun!!

DJing is a full time job. I don't think they ever let one song play all the way through without changing it to another song.

The birthday boy!

This kid is 15...hello NBA.

Remember how we used to carry a boom box on our shoulder? That's old school people. Today you connect your lap top to the sound system. Even Misty and I didn't know you could do that. Thanks for the tip guys!

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  1. I had just read about you in the paper not too long ago and checked out your website. My daughter went to the Rave party and had a blast! Its awesome to have a place where teens can plan parties. You may have started out for Princess parties, but I think you have tapped into an untouched market with the teens! Awesome job!