Sunday, March 7, 2010

Masquerade Party!

E's mom and I have been working on this surprise party for a while. I think we pulled it off. The kids dressed up and were handed masks at the door. The birthday girl arrived 3o minutes after all the other guests and we did the classic..."SURPRISE" Yell as she walked in the door. The birthday girl was swept away to get dressed in the beautiful dress that was waiting for her. The kids danced and ate for a while. Then we all hopped in cars for a scavenger hunt around town. I think they really enjoyed knocking on doors and asking for crazy items like "a man juggling".

If you need a place for a great party or any event...consider Soiree.

The birthday girl, Miss "E" was a total sweetheart. Happy 13th E!

Such a great group of kids. Y'all are welcome back anytime.

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