Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kerosene and Polyurethane

Soiree is in a building that is around 80 years old I suppose. The space is beautiful but as of right now we don't have heat. An 80 year old building with no heat when it's 20 degrees outside makes for a chilly night of work. (ONG is coming on Wednesday so we'll be toasty by then)

Misty and I put on several layers and lit the kerosene heater while we applied polyurethane to the counter tops and cabinets. Let me just say it's a good thing we live very near Soiree because driving after two hours of that concoction was not such a swift move.

Things are looking fantastic! The counter tops are pretty wild, but we think the wild against the historic brick walls and tin ceiling is the perfect combination. This week we will finish the kitchen complete with new cabinet doors that have been salvaged from an old greenhouse here in town. I guess you can say we are green, but really just thrifty, the doors were free! They were actually the windows on the greenhouse. We are going to clean them up and hinge them to the cabinets. The glass will allow you to see inside of the cabinets that we've ModPodged scrapbook pages to.

Tonight as we worked we brainstormed some ideas for an Open House in January. I actually think we'll be ready by mid January...that might just be the kerosene/poly mix talking though.

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