Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ikea Bliss

There are something like seven wonders of the world. I can't even begin to name them. I am certain though, that one of them is Ikea. If it's not, then I lobby that we expand the list to eight.

Misty and I are meeting up December 26th at Ikea to shop for Soiree. It is quite possible that the driving force behind starting this business was so we would have a reason to spend an entire day shopping at Ikea. I know, I know, it's alot to invest of our time and money just to create a need to spend one full day at Ikea, but if you don't understand, then I venture to say, you've never been to Ikea.

At any rate, I am already in the DFW area for Christmas. Misty is making the drive by herself early Saturday. We will cram carefully pack everything we can get our grubby hands on into her HHR so she can then turn right back around and make a 10 hour round trip back to Tulsa with the goods. In all seriousness, pray for Misty. That's a lot of driving in one day.

Misty is on vacation the week after Christmas so we are 85% certain we can get the shop 95% done. (I have to give myself percentage goals to stay focused if you haven't noticed)

The space is looking awesome! The Jupiter jump is up. Our kids have tested it out for all of your kids and they give it the big thumbs-up. We have already booked several parties and can't wait to book yours. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll put you on our books too.

One last note: We are going to host a birthday party once per quarter for a child in need. Could be a special needs child, a family who is struggling financially, or some other need you know about. We'd like your help on what we should call this project and who you know that might qualify as a child in need. The party will be free to the chosen family.

In the wise words of my business partner Misty..."Love, Peace and Chicken Grease Y'all"

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  1. i love ikea!! keith had a training class in frisco for a week and i was able to go down with him with no kids! our hotel was right down the street from ikea and all the other shopping. it was pretty fabulous. :)