Thursday, August 18, 2011

For Everything There Is A Season...

I don't know about you, but this is my favorite season. Not the 104 degree part, but the part where I can bring some sense of order back into my home. The part where there is a set bed time and rise time and we follow a schedule, albeit a hectic one.

For me, the end of August might as well be January. It's like a new start and I always go through this period of nesting right before school starts. We've dropped off our out grown clothes and books that don't get read anymore to our favorite thrift store and ministry, Dividing Bread in Collinsville. We've organized our school clothes so picking out our outfit will be easy breezy (at least for the first week or so). We've laid down the law on homework before play, knowing where our back packs are, and taking a shower every night. It feels good. It feels organized.

I imagine most of you are in the same mode. Now that you've gotten your wee ones and not-so-wee-ones off to school, take a deep breathe, enjoy your morning coffee, take a look at our calendar and get the rest of the year's parties booked. Remember, we not only host little girl parties but also, boy parties, adult parties, teen parties, bridal and baby showers and space rentals.

Don't wait too long, 3pm comes sooner than you think. ;)

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