Friday, June 4, 2010

Too Big For Our Britches

I've been known on occasion to tell my kids they are too big for their britches. It usually isn't meant as a "positive". Well in this case, it couldn't be more positive. Business is great at Soiree and the fact is, our current location is no longer able to accommodate our business needs. We are just bursting at the seams so....drum roll please...WE'RE MOVING!

I know, I know. Our location is awesome and charming and vintage and industrial and all around great. Really, did you think we would compromise any of those attributes? Of course not. We are only moving one block East of our current location and still on Main Street in Collinsville. We are excited to say we will now be ADA compliant, we are at street level, we have more space and can more easily convert from child party to adult party. The move will be complete by June 11th, just in time for Hogs and Hot Rods. The new diggs still sport the exposed brick walls that you all love, an amazing tin ceiling and all the charm that goes along with the history of downtown Collinsville, Ok.

Our new address is 1014 West Main Street Collinsville OK. Now plug that into your navigational device and come give us a visit.

We want to host your best party ever!

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  1. Very exciting! I can't wait to see the new place!